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DarkSideSoft is focused primarily on delivering cloud based mobile and web software solutions. A mobile app that just stores data locally is simply not that useful anymore. If you lose your phone, your data is gone. Synchronizing and backing up data is too much effort and unnecessary today. Cloud storage is perfect for sharing data and accessing it across multiple devises. It's like your email, you should be able to access it anywhere from any device.

DarkSideSoft will attempt where possible to provide solutions that deliver both a Mobile and Web component. When you are at your desk, you may prefer to access your data from a large screen browser but on the go, you would pull out your phone and use a responsive mobile app. With offline data caching, you may even be able to view data and add more while offline. Then when you return it synchronizes the offline changes.

Maintenance Activity Tracker

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Maintenance Activity Tracker or MAcTrack for short is a cloud based Maintenance Reminder app for tracking regular recurring personal and home maintenance tasks. We all have numerous maintenance activities that we need to track on a regular basis. Things like replacing the filter on the home air conditioner every months or going for a medical check-up with the doctor once a year or replacing the car engine oil every six months.

These regular maintenance activities recur on some approximate frequency, so regular calendar notifications are just a useless nag and too easy to dismiss when you can acceptably delay “a few more weeks”. MAcTrack Maintenance Reminders are simple and configurable.

Maintenance Activity Tracker is designed to be extremely simple to add and edit maintenance schedules that recur on some frequency of days. A new task / activity is due on the defined start date and when you track the activity as performed, the new due date is automatically set based on the date performed and frequency.

The activity history shows a full list of all the dates on which the activity was performed and shows the average number of days between dates performed. Tap on a date performed if you need to edit or delete that history record.

Here is a downloadable list of common Maintenance Activity Ideas that may give you ideas to get started. This list is now available in the app from version 1.0.4 for you to easily select and automatically create Activities.

The app stores it's data on a secure Google cloud database server. It internally caches some data and may allow adds and changes while offline and automatically synchronizes them when back online. There are some limitations, so try it out. Data changes made on a profile (email + password) will instantly update on any other devices (or the wesite) signed in to the same profile. So, the app allows you to have multiple profiles and supports multiple devices. For example, you and your spouse can track the same maintenance tasks with instant data refreshing.

As the developer, I technically have access to all data (except your password). This is not uncommon, I'm just totally upfront about it. I have no interest in how often you maintain your A/C or go to the dentist, but I suggest you don't store any sensitive/confidential information.

Privacy Policy and End-User License Agreement

A detailed privacy policy is available to view and download, but in a nutshell, we will never share, sell, rent or misuse your data.

Here is the latest downloadable Privicy Policy.

An End-User License Agreement (EULA) is included in the MAcTrack app. You must accept it to be able to use the app.

Here is the latest downloadable EULA.


Maintenance Activity Tracker, will initially be introduced for free. I strongly believe that you should be happy with the product before paying for it. It will start out with reasonable 100 maintenance activity limit but may at some point restrict it to say 10. If you start using the app now, you will keep your 100 limit if you remain on the free version.

Eventually a "paid" version will be available for a few Dollars that will have a very reasonable record limit. Some maximum maintenance activity record count will always be needed to ensure fair use and performance for everyone. Let us know if you really need to be able to add more.

If you like Maintenance Activity Tracker and appreciate all the work that has gone in to it, please show your support by reviewing the app on Google Play or at lease rate us - it takes just 3 seconds from the app's "Free..." menu.


Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.8 is now available on Google Play. Added Categories.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.7 is now available on Google Play. Some Android 8.x bug fixes and added Google integrated security.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.4 is now available on Google Play. Mostly just added explicit support for Android Oreo and above and improved database connection sharing.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.3 is now available on Google Play. Added data Import / Export feature.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.2 is now available on Google Play. This adds Italian translations. Please email us any translation improvements or if you want to help translate to another language. Special thanks to Dott. Emanuel Celano Informatica in Azienda for the Italian translation. He also promotes MAcTrack on his website www.artigianiperlacasa.info. His website makes it really easy to find great home service providers.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.1.1 is now available on Google Play. Added notes, priority, reminders per priority and PRO in-app purchase option.

Maintenance Activity Tracker has achieved 1000 installs (unique users) on Google Play.

Maintenance Activity Tracker has achieved 500 installs (unique users) on Google Play. It started out really slow but is now averaging 45-50 installs a week.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.0.4 is now available on Google Play. Some good stuff! check it out.

MAcTrack Web Access was in Beta version for over 3 months. No bugs have been reported, so it is now officially out of beta. If you have any issues, please contact me. Actually, any feedback you may have will be greatly appreciated. I actually don't even know if anyone other than myself uses the web access.

MAcTrack has started gaining momentum as more users discover and install it. January had 142 new installs which is almost as many as the previous four months together. As the total install count and total review count go up, not to mention a five star rating, the Google Play store listing becomes more prominent. People are actually finding my app now without having to scroll down too far.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.0.3 is now available on Google Play. Added reminder notifications, improved offline caching and some other minor improvements.

Re-styled website to work correctly on mobile including adding a menu drawer.

MAcTrack Web Access (beta) now available

Support and general discussion Forum now available

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.0.2 is now available on Google Play. There are a few minor bug fixes and enhancements including a day count display between activity completion dates.

Maintenance Activity Tracker 1.0.1 is now available on Google Play

Added more content to the website including a Donate button. Mostly "fixed" a display issue in IE 11 effecting website and Forum.

Website approaching done. MAcTrack beta APK has been made available. Getting close to make MAcTrack available on Play Store.

Sales and Support Contact

Derek Rosen

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